Contact and contact less temperature measurement and visualization measurement of temperature and other electrical and non-electrical quantities. Signal converters, equipment and systems for display and signal processing, including recorders and equipment for data recording and data processing.


Control of connected variables, such as temperature or pressure. Controllers for a constant value with time program for one or more control loops. Thyristor switches for electrical loads control and frequency converters for regulation of motor’s speed.


Equipment and systems for automation of technological units primarily in glass, metals, engineering industries and in many other fields. Solution based on PLC, SCADA systems for control, process visualization and data collection.

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E-THERM a.s. company

  • sale of devices for measurement, control and automation
  • consulting, systems design, integration and commissioning, service
  • controller systems sell on a turnkey
  • exclusive representative of Eurotherm Ltd., ERO Electronic, LAND, INOR and Bolder Automation company in both Czech and Slovak republic


Modular tyristor unit

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Digital recorder and PID regulator

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Data sheets database

Automation of Processes